Best TED Talks of All Time to Motivate you and Transform your life

Ted talks

TED is a non-profit organization with the mission of spreading ideas.

We have all heard TED talks at some point in time and they rarely fail to inspire us.

These talks are short and powerful at the same time.

TED believes that there is no greater force for changing the world than a powerful idea.

Here are 4 amazing TED Talks which are also among the most popular TED Talks of all time-

1) ‘Do schools kill creativity’ by Ken Robinson

Sir Ken Robinson in his talk describes an episode of a little girl who is busy drawing something.

When her teacher walks over to her, she says that she is a drawing a picture of God.

Her teacher argues that no one has ever seen God. The kid says, ‘They will, in a minute’.

That is the power of creativity.

In this entertaining talk, Sir Ken Robinson makes a case for promoting an educational system in which creativity is nurtured, a system in which creativity is as important as literacy, where arts is as important as mathematics.

This talk, which challenges the way kids are educated is thought-provoking and entertaining at the same time.

2) ‘How great leaders inspire action’ by Simon Sinek

Mr. Simon Sinek is a leadership expert and in this talk, he shares the idea of a golden circle which is about a common thought process of all great leaders.

People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do what you do

In this talk, through examples of Apple and the Wright brothers, Mr. Simon Sinek shares the idea of making people believe in what you believe.

According to him, a team which believes in the cause of the company and its leadership is more productive.

“There are leaders and there are those who lead”

Leaders are the ones who inspire action, not the ones who hold a position of authority.

And those who inspire action, have a team which believes in them and this team can do wonders.

3) ‘How to speak so that people want to listen’ by Julian Treasure

Mr Julian Treasure explains about the seven deadly sins of speaking.

These should be avoided, else people will start losing interest in what you speak.

The seven deadly sins are gossip, judging, negativity, complaining, excuses, lying and dogmatism.

Mr Treasure says that one must follow the principle of HAIL – honest, authenticity, integrity and love in his/her speech.

HAIL ensures that people listen to you with patience and hence believe what you say.

He believes that this is an extremely powerful method and can work wonders.

4) What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness’ by Robert Waldinger

Mr Robert Waldinger is the 4th director of the Harvard Study of Adult Development which is the longest study on what actually keeps people happy and healthy.

In this talk, Mr Waldinger tells us that the conclusion of the 75 year long study is that relationships and their quality keep people healthy and happy.

People who are better connected socially tend to live long and happy lives and are physically healthy too.

On the contrary, people who are more isolated than they want to be find that they are less happy.

The message that good close relationships are good for our health and well being is wisdom as old as the hills

-Written by Devesh Dembla(Student)



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