8 signs to spot a toxic person in your life


One life is given to all.

Whether you make it heaven or hell depends on your surroundings.

Always choose right people.

Because they not only last forever but also brings a fresh vibe to your life.

Also, flush out toxic people right now.

I will tell you some signs by which you can spot,

If a person is worth for your time or not.

That can be your friend, partner or even a relative.

Let’s have a look

1. Loves to speak, hate to listen-

The ones who so indulge in themselves that they even don’t care of others.

This kind of people always has their own sorrows to tell.

Beware of them.

They can not only ruin your entire life but also your head( with their useless talks).

2. Compares everybody-

I know all of our parents lie in this category only  :p


Seriously if you are with someone who always compare people either on looks or on skills.

Leave them right now.

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3. Uses your money

It is totally fine to borrow money to your friend.

But when you are been exploited than take a pause and think.

4. Talks a lot about themselves-

I am also a chatter box.

But I love to listen other people too.

Also, a good listener is someone who is loved by everyone.

The ones who only talks about themselves are a kind of narcissit.

5. Restrictions-

There is a difference in saying-

You cannot wear‘ and ‘Don’t wear Now‘.

I personally think nobody has right to put a restriction on your freedom.

6. Over possessive nature

It is good to protect your loved ones.

But, over protectiveness can harm your relationship.

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7. Short-tempered

I really don’t like people who got anger in seconds.

Getting furious on small things and in every hour.

A big No, just get rid of them.

8. ‘Branded’ person

This is just a point.

Many people love to wear branded clothes.

I am just saying that a person should not hate street market clothes.

Handicraft is a very popular thing and we should promote it.

9. Crybaby

Cry on everything.

They think they are the only person on the earth facing problems.

Either change them or leave.

8. Dominates you

In care and protect every girl love a dominating person.

But, in work and career don’t let anyone ruin your life.

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Basically, a person should care for you in real.

I know it is not easy to just get rid of this kind of people easily.

And you know what you can’t always.

But you can try.

At least, the ones for which life gives you a choice.

Make good friends and laugh out loud 😊



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