Sejal Kumar’s INSTAGRAM  Summer looks

Sejal kumar Instagram look

Hello friends,

Many of you I am sure you know sejal,

And those who don’t she is a fashion influencer and a youtuber.

You can get some of her instagram looks on a very affordable rate.

It is hard to find every product of a person’s picture on one place.

But all these looks are easily available on Myntra, Shein, H&M.

Also, summer is here.

So I have collected some of her summer looks.

She is best in creating a fusion of fashion and comfort.

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Let’s have a look-

1. Denim love

Sejal denim

This look is a perfect one for casual as well as party.

She has brightened up this by a  maroon bag and heels.

2. Kurta with skirt-

Sejal kurta

This look is so clean.

It is so because of choosing a white kurti with a pink skirt.

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I highly recommend this look for this summer to beat that heat and still look stylish.

3. Pleated skirt

Pleated skirt

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This look is perfect for summers.

Fashionable and all about comfort.

The look is also perfect for a long day, full of hustles.

4. Shorts


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I love the color orange, it is bright and eye-catchy.

If you choose a good top in this color, you can definitely rock this look.

5. Formal look


This is one of her formal looks.

Comfortable wide pants are a lot in fashion these days.

You can definitely try it when you go on any office event.

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I hope you find this post useful and fun.

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