8 Different Types Of Earrings Every Girl Must Have

Types of earrings a girl must have

Different types of earrings that one should have. You can mix up with different clothes to make a perfect outstanding outfit.

Having right earring is important,rather than just having a one‘.

I am back with my new blog post after a long time.🤗

It was a really big vacation I took from writing.

To explore myself.

But now I am all set with my new post on fashion essentials.

Earring is something which can swing your look from a just woken girl to a fashionista.

Who doesn’t love them?

Everyone loves wearing them.

It is good to have a lot,if you can afford.

But if you can’t,

Just have a look on these different types of earrings which I have and I think every girl must have.

1. Jhumkas

Now jhumka is something which is a sure shot accessory for ethnic wear.

I have this a very medium sized one.


2. The white one

When your day is off and you don’t want to dress much,

A white earring with a normal dress is perfect for you.


3. The Black one

Black is our savior.

Every girl looks rocking in a black outfit.

Black earing goes with every dress.


4. Tassel

Tassels are the new trendsetter.

They are a lot in fashion.

You’ll feel liberated,it goes best with boho look.


5. Long hoops

Long hoops looks best on round face( like mine 😋)

Also to refresh your that boring kurta.

Long hoops
Long hoops

6. Good one

We all love to play with different types of earrings.

But I think having a one medium sized good quality(or you can say costly) earring is a must.

You look classy in them.


10 amazing cheap earrings from Club Factory | Budget Shopping

7. Earring with chain

Chain looks really good on your neck.

And when it comes to ear it is the best.

You should have a one with chain.

Chain earring
Chain earring

8. Ear cuff-

When you are too bored to wear your earring, cuff comes to your rescue.

I have a very long chained ear cuff.

Ear cuff
Ear cuff

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