Short Girls Outfit Inspired By Cherry Jain

In India, the average height is below 5”, so short girls outfit ideas are important. They look good in crop tops, some in the tank. Let’s explore…

Styling is not some rocket science, just a little effort can make you a fashionista.

A good height is something which is not in our hands.

It is a good gift and we should embrace.

People call short girls with a lot of names like cute, shorty

And if you have a little extra weight, you’ll easily get a fluffy tag. 😉

But it’s ok, it is their love for us.

My height is 157.5 cm.

The dressing can be a tricky thing for us.

So, I follow a lot of fashion influencers.

But most of them have tall height.

And there a lot of styles which looks good on them, but not on us.

But then I figure out someone who really helps me in improving my fashion sense.

Cherry Jain, works at Popxo.

She is cute and styles well.

Recently she has also uploaded a video on the same topic.

And I got an idea, why not to write a post on it.

So, here I have picked up some of her styles, to tell you what looks great on short girls.

Let’s have a look

1. Short denim skirts-

I myself don’t wear them a lot.

As we all know it is not so decent and very regular dress.

So pair them up with stockings or even leggings 😉

Denim skirt
2. Short kurta with jeans

I know this is a very casual one.

But believe me, long kurtas are not made for us.

Yes, you can wear it sometimes, but not daily.

Short kurta
Short Kurti
3. Knee-length capris

Either wear jeans or pants,

But knee-length is the perfect length.

It looks cool in summers.

4. Crop top

Pairing a crop top with palazzo pants is great.

If you want to give an illusion of your height,

Don’t hide your navel part 🙂

Crop top
Crop top
5. Slit skirts-

Long skirts, but with a slit.

You can see in the picture, it looks amazing.

Slit skirt
Slit skirt
6. Gladiator shoes-

I have never tried this, but I want to.

A short dress with these sandals,

Is all a short girl needs for a night party.

7. Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits look cute, and so are we.

Whenever you feel low, just cheer yourself up with,

Such a pretty awesome dress 🙂


Gowns also look pretty on short girls, only if they highlight the legs, I have made an outfit from scratch video on it.

Thanks for reading it.

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