What we need?Padmavat Or Padman

It is glad to hear that, finally PADMAVAT is releasing.

Sanjay Leela bhansali’s production house is at stake.

Movie is need to be released.

Not because it is on history, but because lots of money is invested in it and it has to be recovered.

The whole controversial scenario on PADMAVAT must have taught one thing to investors.

Never take wrong use of your power.

I mean Bhansali can do so much of that money.

He has a huge audience,than why to waste it on some ‘Masala’ movies.

I love all his movies.

But that time I was a teenager and completely falls in love with all kind of vague stuff.

But lately I realize that I don’t learn anything from such movies.

Opposite to Padmavat,Padman, how ironically their name is almost same but concept totally different.

Padmavat is all about history, courage and wars.

Padman is all about new thinking.

World needs movies like Padman,specially India.

Whereas, Padmavat is just a movie with lots of spices.

We all should encourage movies like Padman.

I also love great costumes, set and dialogues.

But also a story and a thought which can change your thinking.

I just don’t get the fact,

Why we want movies on history?

Until it carries some great message.

We want movies, which are fun, and also can make some big change to the minds of people.

In the end I just want to say that it is great to make good movies.

But also take care of a thing, that you are doing everything at a huge level.

It affects alot.

Please invest your time and money for a good cause 🙂

All the best to both of the movie I have mentioned above.

I hope you like it.

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