Style steal from Taapsee Pannu Instagram account

I love Taapsee.

Not only her work but also her dressing style.

She is tall, and she knows how to carry each and every outfit pretty well.

After Pink, she has come into limelight.

She is inspiring.

A celebrity is not only the one who is just perfect in his/her work.

They are someone who touch the hearts of people.

Let’s come to fashion sense.

She has a great fashion sense.

I never found up till now, any of her dress as a fashion disaster.

Let’s have a look

1. Her love for jackets-

She wears them alot.

Also, the quirk she add every time is nice, for ideas.

Best thing about jacket is that you can wear it throughout the year 🙂


2. Color blocking –

She has an awesome color block skill.

She makes good combination with colors.

And this fashion trend is not everyone’s cup of tea :p



3. Experiments

Alike to other celebrities,

She also experiments alot, and never got failed 😀

I just love all her new looks.


4. Quirk/Printed patterns

She not wears them at regular basis.

But I like her quirkiness which she adds in her attire 😉


5. Striped dress

What I have noticed one thing about her,is that she wears alot of basics.

She is not always very much dressed.

As we know comfort should be a priority.

Striped pants/tops also looks great on a tall toned body.


I hope you like it.

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