Maintenance Is Bigger Than Creation|Infosys Mysore Campus

Everybody loves to invent.

We feel great when we create something new.

Either it is a drawing or some big stuff.

What the main point is, that we love the thought of creating something by ourselves.

I, also like everyone, love to do things by myself.

Little things- cleaning and decorating room, organizing my cupboard, writing a new blog post :p

It really feels great to achieve a target.

But do we realize that, tgere is a thing grater than creation.


Maintenace,yes you read right.

Infosys campus
Infosys campus

It is easy to build up something, but maintaning it is a lot harder.

Tons of things ,people create everyday.

But only few of them, yo can find in good condition after years.

Right now I am in Infosys Mysore campus, which is heaven.

GEC infosys
GEC infosys

The whole campus is like painted by someone.

Everything is so perfect here.

No room for dirt, mess, dullness.

Workers here literally do their work by heart to maintain it.

Their contribution is plausible.

When I saw them cleaning all day long and painting the pavement and signs on the road.

I realized that a lot more hard work is invested in Preserving something.

Everything is so systematic.

And the people do their work with so love and passion,

You can clearly see that.


Your desired outcome can only be great if people literally love their work.

When you walk around in cmpus ,it seems like you are not in real world.

It is so imaginary and beautiful.

What my main point is that, it’s awesome if you do something new.

But just don’t run blankly creating new things.

Invest a little time in maintaining old one.

Either the things or the  relationships.

You are smart enough to relate it 😉

I hope you like it.

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