21 Inspirational Ideas For Color Blocking Outfit

Color blocking outfit ideas for a woman who likes to experiment with their outfits. All the inspiration is been taken from the famous influencers.

Color block, the name suggests everything.

It is a very old fashion trend.

When you mix two or more colours in your dress,

You get a colour block outfit.

The speciality about this fashion is,

You can experiment it.

Yes, you read right ๐Ÿ™‚

You are the boss of your attire.

You can go totally disaster or fabulous in this thing.

There is no middle fashion comment in that.

Isn’t it amazing?

Just imagine, you can create a unique look ๐Ÿ˜€

So let’s here see some inspirational ideas from fashion influencers.

These days fashion bloggers are a lot in trend.

So I have to pick some of their styles

1. Blue and yellow

Komal and is the one who can dare to flaunt bright colours.

Not only colours but also the outfit of kritika is awesome.

This colour block is very common and one should definitely try.


2. Light blue and mustard

These two light colors are so cool for spring season.

Crop top with skirt or palazoo is amazing.

3. Red and purple

These two bright colors are good to combine.

Any top with bottom you can choose for this.

4. Pink- blue outfit->

In this pink is light and blue is dark, so it is quite good and girlish combination.

Color popup sandals will be great to accesorize.

5. Green and blue-

Shiny green with dark blue is looking awesome on Malvika Gupta.

A yellow bindi is enhancing the look of attire.

6. Grey and yellow-

I know this is very offbeat combination.

But it is great for formal events.

Neither too bright nor too dull.

7. Pink with gold

In this, there are two pictures,

One is pink with gold color

Another is pink with orange.

Both are perfect for festival and weddings.

8. Black and brown-

It is a perfect formal wear.

You can flaunt it in your office.

9. Green and yellow

I personally like this combo.

It is really cool if you wear in saree or a dress.

Both are vibrant.

10. Blue and pink

Kritika khurana is rocking this color combination.

It is very common and casual.

11. Red and yellow

Yellow color goes with everything.

What I have noticed till now ๐Ÿ˜‰

Again two bright colors, perfect for parties.

12. Colorblock palazzo

Palazzo is so comfy and good in appearance.

You can style any plain color top with a color block palazzo.

13. Light green-

Fluroscent green is not so easy to combine with any color you wish.

Dark blue is the one which can give company to this one.

14. Cherry’s outfit-

The pink,yellow and blue is great to fuse together.

This plain outfit is all what I want for a trip.

15. Red and yellow

Very common in weddings.

They both form a great pair with each other.

16. Skirt

Mehroon-Blue-Yellow skirt is nice.

This combo is good for some funky theme party.

17. Sweater

This kind of sweater is great for a calm summer morning in winters.

When you want to go for shopping, do try it.

18. Red and green-

If you are planning something for your friend’s wedding.

Do give a try to this.

It is a bit different and totally ethnic.

19. Colorblock dress

I feel this one perfect for temples ๐Ÿ˜›

But you can also wear them on any outdoor event.

20. Colorblock skirt

Short skirts with fusion of colors, is great.

I found them good for beaches.

21. Jacket-

Colorblock ethnic jacket is very rare to see.

This one is amazing.

Something unique for winter wear.

I hope you like it.

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Image credits: Instagram

3 thoughts on “21 Inspirational Ideas For Color Blocking Outfit

  1. These outfits are lovely, esp number 2! Love the whole crop top with maxi skirt/palazzo pant! Palazzo pants are so comfortable. Great post ๐Ÿ™‚


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