Why watching web series is way better than the 100-Cr Blockbuster?

web series
Web series is the new weekly soap.
Time is changing and so the preferences.

First people like to watch Bollywood movies in theatres, ready to give up 3 hours for a single movie.
Then it is shortened down to 1-2 hr.
Now in the era of internet,
Today’s audience wants full entertainment with a message in short time.
They are not ready to invest a huge amount of their time in cliche stories and songs.
Also, when it comes to money, it’s frugal.
And let’s not talk about convenience.
It is so easy to watch.
Open your phone or laptop, switch on the ac, dim up your lights, cook popcorn,
And you are set to have a cinema hall experience.
Previously only small actors use to do these web series.
But now even celebrities are entering into it.
Because of the huge attention, they are receiving from the audience.
Youtube is flooded with so many short stories.
It is very much in trend to start your own channel on youtube.
Some of my favourites are– pitchers, permanent roommates, man’s world, life Sahi hai, love shots, ladies room, little things etc.
In my personal opinion also, watching a web series rather than some blockbuster is a lot better.
I know sometimes we need good background, music and action scenes for refreshment.
But, if you really need a story, do go for internet series.
They are totally worthy of your time.
I personally believe investing your time in something productive is fruitful.
So what are you waiting for?
If you haven’t explored much,
Go and watch some good web series and short films on youtube or other apps.
Do assure that this weekend you are not wasting your money,
Infact saving it up for your small wishes 🙂

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