A simple destination wedding is the best one|Virushka Wedding

The wedding is one of the happiest events in our life.

For most of the girls, it is the dream day.

If your marriage is a loved one, then definitely it will be a special occasion for you.

Deciding venue and everything is not in everyone’s hands,

(Most of the people don’t even decide broom/bride according to them) :p

But yes, if it is, and you know your partner well,

You can really make it remarkable.


A simple destination wedding is all you need

Recently, Virat and Anushka got married in Tuscany, Italy.

Everyone is just having a huge crush on their photos.

From wedding attire to location,

And also about the smart idea to make it less crowded, way away from paparazzi.

That’s all what simple wedding is,

Shorten your guest list, only closed ones.

You’ll have two benefits from it-

1. If you don’t have to appease a large crowd, you’ll definitely enjoy more 😀

2. You can definitely plan a destination one, rather than local, by cutting out extra people.

Ok, you can’t plan in Italy like them :p

But definitely, somewhere in your budget 🙂

I know it’s not easy.

But, it is your wedding, if you have to make it special, you have to be tricky.

You can give a reception to that extra guests.

Like that, you can enjoy your marriage, also give a party(free food 😛 ) to everyone.

Set your budget,

And then decide everything according to it.

Try to convince your parents, because that’s a tough job :p

You can think like that,

You’ll travel with your loved ones, which is not possible in your entire life.


Such a huge crowd gathering for a tour will never happen.

So make your wedding-worthy, and take everyone on a fun trip 🙂

For me, a wedding in an exotic place with your closed ones is the best.


I hope you like reading it.

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