13 Indo Western Fusion Dresses You Need To Try


Indo western fusion dresses you should know to rock the party. Fusion wear is very much in trend these days, so give it a shot.

When we fused the Indian pattern with a western one,

The outcome is Indo-Western Look.

You know, what is the speciality of this look?

You can create it by yourself.

Isn’t that awesome?

You can mix any two or more things to create a new one.

Whenever you feel bored with your wardrobe,

You can experiment it.

Here I have collected some looks, which are a lot in trend these days.

You must try them at once.

Let’s have a look-

1. Saree with pants-

Indian saree is an authentic attire.

Pairing them with pants is a lot cooler.

This is a perfect fusion.

2. Ethnic Jacket-

The jacket is perfect to embellish over tops/kurtas.

Ethnic prints on them, makes them look more vibrant and colourful.

You can pair them with any western dress.

3 Everyday Indo Western looks inspired by Alia Bhatt

3. Shirt Lehenga-

Lehenga is one of the famous outfits for weddings.

I always prefer a designer blouse for my skirt.

But, pairing it with a shirt is something very different.

Go and try, this wedding 🙂


4. Ankle Length Shrug-

The shrug is a cloth, we generally wear on tops.

OUTFIT- A crop top, pants, and a shrug.

This outfit is perfect for the ones, who love comfort and fashion and is one of the trending Indo western dresses.

5. Sheer Skirt-

Skirts are a lot wearable in India.

But a sheer one is something new.

It is so much kind of Indo-western type.

6. Short Kurti-

Kurta is mainly worn up to knee length.

But a short one , with jeans,

Is perfect for casual wear.

7. Denim Kurta-

Denim is totally western, and Kurta is Indian.

Mixing these two

makes the outfit perfect for formal wear.

8. Sheer Kurta Dress-

This is my favourite 🙂

This see-through look of cloth is so amazing.

You can simply wear an inner inside.

It is perfect for any day or night party.

Sheer kurta

9. Ethnic Denim-

Ethnic prints on denim wear.

Wow, what a fusion 😀

It is so unique and one of the uncommon Indo western fusion dresses.

Ethnic Denim

10. Salwar jumpsuit-

You can get it stitched by your tailor.

It is very uncommon to find this kind of outfit.

Try it for sure.

Salwar jumpsuit

11. Shirt Dress-

Making a whole dress/kurta as a shirt.

It is formal, casual and super comfortable.

Accessorize, to make it more appealing.

Shirt Dress

12. Dhoti Pants-

Dhoti is a traditional garment.

Wearing them in a pant is totally a great combo.

Pair them up with any top and it is the best trending indo western fusion dresses.

Dhoti Pants

13. Kaftan-

It is something, great for thin people.

Totally a new look.

Great for parties.

loose kurta

Thanks for reading.

I hope you like it.

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