How To Dress For An Hourglass Body Type|Outfit Ideas

Every body type is unique in its own way.

An hourglass is a bit tricky one.

If you don’t dress properly, you can be the center of fun in a party.

There are so many designs out there.

How to find a great fit for your body?

You know, you can wear anything you want


I don’t want somebody laughs at you


You look only average, even when you have tons of potential.

The Internet is also loaded with a lot of articles.

I did a research.

And jotted down all essential things,

You need to know if you are an hourglass body type.

Let’s find out-

Some tips-

* V for victory, so always wear V-neck.

Try to wear more tops,

with an open neckline.

Clearly giving a view of your neck.

V neck

* The Jacket is your best friend.

Take them everywhere.

You can anytime embellish your look with them.


* Closed necks are not good to go.

You can see in pictures,

So much caged is Sonakshi looking.

On top of that, accessorizing with heavy necklace

No, Please NO.

Closed necks

* Fit and Flare is a thumb up for you.

Short dresses with a good fit,

And flare at the bottom

Is all that you need for an evening party.

Fit and Flare

* Layering yourself, makes you look bulkier.

Avoid wearing piles of dresses.

Make it simple.

Just wear one comfortable nice fitted dress.


Do’s and Don’ts-

1. Visual waistline-

As you can see in the picture,

Layering up the breast part is fine,

But hiding your waistline is not.

So, adding layers should be at least half inch above the waistline.

Visual waistline

2. Bodycon wear-

Yes, bodycon dresses are great for you.

Take care of one thing.

A thick cloth will be better than a thin one.

A thin one will only give vulgar look.

bodycon wear

3. Pants over palazzo-

You can wear palazzo,

But I think fitted pants will look awesome on you.

As it will wrap up your legs and

present in a very stylish way.

pants over palazzo


Outfits meant for Hourglass body type-

Bolder version-

1. Frill dress-

The frills in layers give an unusual look.

2. Off-shoulder Top-

The off-shoulder top looks best on this kind of body type.

3. V-neck with slit-

Such a sharp cut provides an edge to the dress.

Casual version-

All these 3 looks are so perfect that once you try,

You’ll always try to make combinations out of them.

1. Jacket with pants.

A plus one for black and white 🙂

2. Maxi with shrug.

A belt to make your waistline proper visible.

3. Sweater on a shirt.

A fitted sweater on a loose shirt is such a great combo.


casual hourglass look


I hope you like it.

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