How To Dress Like Phoebe Buffay Every Day


We all love Phoebe Buffay from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. T.V. SHOW.

She has been portrayed as fun-loving and an optimistic person.

And so her dressing sense,

Very vibrant and colorful.

Her style is quirky, different from mine.

But I really like it.

And I also think that many of you out there will also love it.

So here I am to tell you,

That how to dress like her every day.

1. Cardigan-

Phoebe Buffay just loves to wear them.

She generally chooses plain solid colors in that.

It looks perfect on her.


2. Maxi dress-

The one who has watched this show many times,

can easily agree with me that she used to wear maxis a lot.

And she paired them up with different stuff.


Winter Fashion For Women

3. Ethnic shrugs-

Colorful and designed shrugs is one of the things,

she used to pair up with her dress.

This style stands her out from many people.

Ethnic shrugs

4. Overcoats-

Because of her good height, they also look great on her.

More than fashion, it is a necessity in winter/fall.

But, it is not a cup of coffee to carry them in a sophisticated way, like Phoebe.


5. Floral prints-

A positive lady will always have floral print clothes in her wardrobe.

This shows how a nature lover she is.

I think this thing is awesome about her.

Floral prints

6. Funky attire-

Sometimes Phoebe Buffay styles like crazy,

and wear any funny kind of clothes.

But, Phoebe can pull off anything. 🙂

Funky attire


Headbands– If you have noticed she used to wear it a lot.

I DIY Headband from old T-shirt, it may help you 🙂

Thanks for reading.

I hope you love it.

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