9 Things To Buy From H&M | My pickup + Review


Welcome to my new post of Pickups+Review series.

This time I have taken a bigger responsibility and going to review H&M brand products.


Basically, it is a good brand to buy clothes.

Unlike other big ones, the stuff lies at an affordable range.

The quality of the material is good.

I want to suggest one thing about branded clothes

As you are investing a big amount,

You should remember 3 things

1. You should really like the piece you choose.

2. Choose that kind of stuff, which you wear a lot, like- jeans, sweatshirt, jackets etc.

3. It should be comfortable enough.

My Pickups-

1. Sheer top-

It is totally different from all that I have seen.

It is a combination of sheer and sporty look for the top.

Sheer top

2. Sweatshirts

This brand has an amazing collection of sweatshirts.

I have picked up these three,

which are so vibrant and amazing.





3. Earrings

This hoop kind of earrings is so elegant.

You can pair them up with any solid colored dress.


4. Backpack-

This shoulder bag is great for one day trip.

Also, you can carry all essentials in it.


5. Black and white-

This striped look on the dress is so simple and descent.

For sweatshirt, I like the graphic 😉


Grey top

6. Heels-

Black is my favorite

The spikes look on it is very different.

And, I really like this kind, as they are supportive.


7. Bottoms-

Blue trousers go on every top.

This Jeans is so pretty and quirky.

These formal pants are good for office wear.


8. Blazer

Green color blazer is very unique in its own way.

You can wear it with multicolored clothes.

9. Sweater

Orange is my favorite color.

These sweaters are perfect for this winter.




I hope you like it.

Comment for more brands you want to get reviewed.

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