13 Ways To Quickly Change Your Bad Mood

Bad mood

If somebody criticizes you or shouts on you,

We become sad.

There can be many reasons like this.

Our mood gets little disturbed.

We got distracted and are unable to give our 100% to our work.

So, what to do?

Thinking that same thing again and again,

Neither makes your mood good,

nor makes your time productive.

Instead of that,

You can do these simple things,

which takes a little time

and refresh you 🙂

Simple ways to bust your bad mood-

1. Shower-

Taking a bath can help you a lot.

Or even a quick face wash.

It makes you feel alive.


2. Cooking- 

You can cook something you like.

It is best for the ones who

love experimenting with food.

3. Listening songs-

Although it can work in any way.

But I suggest, if possible

Do listen to speakers.

Evergreen songs or any of your choice.

4. Watching movies-

Your one of the favorite movies

Or movies that inspire serious wanderlust.

5. Talking-

Call and talk to your old friend.

It always works.


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6. Walk in a park-

Nature is the best remedy for everything.

Greenery and fresh air

can lift up your mood.

7. Box of memories-

Everyone has a box of old memories.

The cards, gifts etc.

You will feel always good whenever you see them.

8. Take a nap-

Sleep is the best cure.

You’ll gain back your energy,

after wake up.

9. Eat what you love-

Anything which you like,

just grab a bite.

10. Excercise for 5 minutes.

Meditation or Yoga,

always helps in removing negative energy.

11. Window shopping –

Sometimes it can help,

At least for girls 😉


12. Cleaning-

You can wash your clothes,

or clean your house.

Actually, it distracts you from your bad mood.

13. Social Media-

It can also help sometimes.

You can have a look at pictures

Or can read some amazing articles.

14. Gardening-

Having a quality time with nature,

Either watering plants, or planting some new ones.

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