7 Winter Fashion Trends You Need To Know As Hollywood Inspired

Winter Fashion

Evergreen winter fashion trends that one must know so you can also rock your outfit in winters. Fashion in winter is not that easy though.

Winter is coming… 😀

Ok, on serious note winter season is here.

It is the season in which we have a fixed set of clothes.

One sweater, coat, jacket and a pair of jeans.

That’s it.

We can’t play much with our clothes in winter 🙁

So I thought why not to make this winter a bit fashionable.

I have picked up some celebrity fashion trends.

You have always noticed that an actress never repeat her outfit.

Yes, it’s true.

But sometimes they do.

Now if they are wearing something again.

What does it mean?

It simply means they like the thing.

And we all know if celebrities like something, it becomes a trend.


Let’s have a look at some of the winter fashion trends-

1. Jennifer Lawrence-

She loves to wear an overcoat a lot.

A knee-length coat on any top or dress will be great for any party.

You can also wear an overcoat in office.


2. Kristen Stewart-

She loves wearing a leather jacket.

A leather jacket is great for hangout parties.

It gives the really cool look.

Leather jacket

3. Jennifer Aniston-

A scarf on your neck.

You can notice that she always carry a scarf.

A scarf wrapped up around neck, not only gives warmth to your neck

But also, is an awesome fashion trend.


4. Gigi Hadid-

An oversized sweater/coat.

Her style is bit different.

But I think it is really stylish.

Mainly for the ones who are really thin.

Oversized coat

5. Julia Roberts-

Just a sweater.

You can wear any light color sweater and pair it with jeans.

The whole look is pretty casual and comfortable.


6. Rihanna-

Boots is her style statement.

You can wear boots in any season.

But, I think on winter clothes, it looks fashionable

And also warm up your feet.


7. Dakota Johnson

The hat is great for this season.

She loves wearing the hat upon any dress.

The cap protects your head and also looks fashionable.


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