16 Must-Have Train Travel Essentials For Long Journey

Train travel essentials

Travelling from the train is not an easy task, so you should carry some Train travel essentials with you that will make your journey more comfortable and clean.

Packed your suitcase and excited to travel by train.


But before that, quickly take a look at these Train travel essentials to avoid petty problems on your journey.

1. Mobile Phone

It has become a necessity as most of our work is done online.

From booking a cab to order lunch, the phone is a must.

Instead of carrying a book/novel, I suggest you download some videos or movies.


I think to read when you are in motion is a bad idea as it affects your eyes.

But you can engage yourself by watching anything.

2. The charger of the phone

As you have to go a long way, so better to keep a charger with you.

3. Power Bank

It is always not possible to be lucky to have a working socket near your seat.

No problem, you can charge your phone with this gift of technology.

4. Earphone

It is essential for listening to songs or picking up a call in a noisy crowd.

5. Money

You definitely can’t miss it.

Keep the change of 100 and 500 rupees.

Also, keep some extra amount for unwanted situations.

6. Copy and pen

Always have this with you.

You never know when you get bored, and you want something to write.

Also, you can note down significant numbers in it, in case you lost your phone.

7. Toothbrush and paste

Morning rituals can never start without them.

Also, it is a requisite for an overnight journey.

8. Paper soap or sanitizer

Keep a check whether you have taken a paper soap or not.

You will require it for hygiene purpose.

Most people use sanitizer; it is your choice.

9. Sweat wipes

They are an important one to carry in summers.

But, most of the people use it for hands also.

If you are a cleanliness freak, please keep it with you all the time.

10. A Comb

Very early hair gets messed up in travelling.

You need a comb to put your hair in the right way.

11. Important medicines

Now, this is like for everyone.

You should keep some medicines with you- fever, digestion, cough/cold.

It helps when you feel uneasy.

12. Chips and a biscuit packet

Food is essential, as you can’t keep your stomach empty for a long time.

15. Bottle of water

Water is life. You may/may not get water sometimes.

So always keep a bottle with you.

16. Only for girls

. Sanitary napkin for an emergency.

. Clutch and rubber band for hair.

. Shawl or scarf depending on the season.

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