5 Young Indian fashion Influencers On Instagram

Fashion Influencers

Young Indian fashion influencers on Instagram you need to follow right now to have an amzing knowledge of fashion trends.

Do you also get confused like me sometimes to what to wear or what not?

I do.

Welcome to my new post.

Although I am creative in my way when it comes to clothes and accessories.

But yes, some of the days I feel like blank.

So what I did?

I hop on the Instagram pictures of the famous fashion influencers.

I don’t copy them exactly.

But I get inspired a lot, and also I never want to look like a fashion disaster.

Now, I want to tell you the ones I follow and they all are superb.

My followed influencers-

1. Sejal Kumar

sejal kumar
Sejal Kumar

She is a YouTuber. She is an inspiration for all the girls out there who want to start something of their own.

She has really worked hard and made her own identity. Her style is unique in her own way.

If you have interest in fashion, lifestyle, beauty, makeup, DIY.

You can follow her Youtube channel.

2. Komal Pandey

komal pandey
Komal Pandey

She is very famous for her videos on Popxo channel. Her popularity begins from this channel. She has basically good acting skills.

She is also a fashion influencer.

Now she is a stylist on StyleDotme.

She has started her own channel and left Popxo.


3. Aashna Shroff

aashna shroff
Aashna Shroff

She is a blogger, fashion inspiration. At such young age, she is doing amazing work.

She is really pretty, and all her looks and styles are awesome.

Also, check out her youtube channel.

4. Kritika Khurana

kritika khurana
Kritika Khurana

She is also an influencer. She has her blog. She also has her youtube channel.

She is really a motivation for healthy girls. As I have personally felt that broad chest girls are less confident.

You should definitely check out all her fashion styles.

5. Cherry Jain

cherry jain
Cherry Jain


She is a cute one. Her style is very casual, comfortable and cool.

Yes, she also works in POPxo.

Her youtube channel is new and most of the content on youtube is from POPxo.

I hope you like it and will follow Indian fashion influencers on Instagram.

Go and check out them now.

Don’t forget to follow me for more amazing posts. 🙂

8 thoughts on “5 Young Indian fashion Influencers On Instagram

  1. This is a such a nice post about these bloggers! Agree with you about their sense of style! Could you check out my blog as well? That will be so good.


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