8 Wedding Lehenga Online Designs Under 3000 INR

Wedding lehenga

A wedding lehenga is a one-time thing and very difficult to choose, so here are some budget-friendly wedding lehenga online for you that never get out of trend.

Wedding season is here, and we all wish to look good.

As we know Indian weddings are all about showing off and shiny ethnic wear.

And all that lehengas come costly.

Also, it is not a good idea to invest a huge sum on a one-day party dress.

Now, what to do?

I have a solution.

To save your time to hustle on sites for cheap and nice ones.

I have collected some pretty cheap and elegant ones.

So, what are we waiting for?

Let’s have a look at different types of wedding lehenga online-

1. Pink lehenga-

The mirror work in this piece is eye-catching. I just love the shade of pink colour, and it is perfect for every skin tone.

banglori silk lehenga
Banglori silk

2. Blue lehenga-

I love the colour and the work done on the bottom, this makes it perfect for any wedding.

blue lehengaa
Bright one

3. Maroon lehenga-

This cold shoulder fashion is so much in trend these days. The length of the sleeves is impressive and make this simple lehenga a different one.

lehenga maroon
Cold shoulder design

4. Red and blue lehenga-

This plain lehenga is unique because of its simplicity. Also, the combination of colours is playing well to give a nice look.

morang lehenga

5. Net lehenga-

The skirt part of this lehenga is very distinctive. I really liked this piece, because it is neither too heavy nor too light.

net lehenga
Net lehenga

6. Red lehenga-

This piece is actually what kind of people wear at weddings. It is great for a bold girl, you need guts to carry it.

party wear lehenga
The red one

7. Dark blue lehenga-

The embroidery work is very attractive in this beautiful lehenga. You can pair it with any pink colour earrings.

vatsala lehenga
Vatsala lehenga

8. Baby pink lehenga-

This is my favourite one. It is simple, classy and unique.

baby pink lehenga
7 Baby Pink Anushka Sharma Lehenga Designs

I hope you like it, no love it.

All are available on Amazon.

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