14 Important Lessons I’ve Learned From Life


Valuable Life lessons I have learned in life very soon, which is good and want to share with the world. I hope it will help you.

Experience is a lesson, and sharing it with someone can make life better.

1. Bring positivity within yourself

This world is full of negativity. If you have to do something, make sure you have to stay positive for that.

Nothing pays off overnight. You have to work hard for it.

Not only professionally but also mentally, to not get unmotivated from any discouragement.

2. Detach yourself from worldly things-

Although humans are not material, they are made of sand, and I include them also.

Yes, it’s the harsh truth.

Spread love, help out each other, do everything possible from your side for the ones who care for you.

But never give so much authority to someone who can destroy your life.

3. Prioritizing yourself is not bad-

Yes, I know it may sound selfish.

But, giving priorities to your wishes and ambitions are not wrong.

If it doesn’t do wrong to anyone and does good to you, high keep going.

4. Taking too much stress never helps-

We don’t know anything about the next second.

And we stress our self so much for a particular event.

Why? Solving a problem is the solution, showing and expressing it is not.

Life is a never-ending journey, like this road.

5. Live every moment to the fullest-

I have seen we always plan for the future, which is good.

But, as we say excess of anything is wrong.

Same applies here, with planning, we should also cherish the present moment.

6. Life is a sin(x) curve, not a straight line-

If you are happy at any moment, don’t think that your life has now become smooth.

Ups and downs are the reality.

We should accept it, and make it as a motivation in our bad times,

That one day will come when you also get a chance to smile.

7. Life can end at any moment-

See now here; my first point helps you.

It can be yours, or of your loved ones, life has to end one day.

It is the bitter truth that one day everyone has to go.

8. Make some good friends-

Life is too short to waste on the undeserving people.

If you want to enjoy your life, make some fantastic friends.

The ones with whom you can share your sorrow, not only Instagram pictures.

9. Never belittle anyone-

Every person has its unique thought process

Never underestimate anyone by looks, his present status etc.

Anyone can do anything in life.

Ringing bell is our inner hope

10. Learn from mistakes, even small ones-

Every mistake is an experience, and experience gives a lesson for a lifetime.

Learn from them, don’t repeat them.

You can make a better version of you by learning them every day.

11. Never lose hope for anything-

You can get distracted by certain things.

But, never make your hope die.

Hope has the power to bring success.

12. Sometimes wasting time, is ok-

Yes, you heard, right.

It is beautiful if you take a break, or you don’t want to do anything.

Life is not a race which you have to complete it.

It is a journey or a trip which you have to complete with satisfaction.

13. Neither take life too seriously nor too light-

Yes, make your life seriously.

The privilege and everything with what you are blessed, acknowledge it.

But don’t stress it up so much that living life becomes a burden.

14. Identifying real tears: Toughest job-

Firstly, I also used to think that tears are natural.

But, no, they are a trap, in which anyone can quickly get into it.

I think if you know the person, you can do this job nicely.

Don’t fade away with negativity.

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I hope you like reading it.

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