Big fat Indian wedding is a big trap you should aware of.

Indian weddings

Who doesn’t love good food, ethnic wear, amazing photos?

Indian weddings are all about that, and I will tell you that why it is a trap and you should not get into it.

Indian wedding is like a trip for the people who attend it and a nightmare for the family who is organizing it.

When an Indian wedding comes to my mind, the thoughts which occur are-

*It is not a one day game.

Yes, it is a whole week programme in which different rituals are been performed.

The task for the couple is to put on that plastic smile all time.


*Oily and unhealthy food

You have like stalls for starters, drinks, sweets.

Then comes the main food, in which there so many kinds of food items.


*The lavish decoration 

The room full of lights and flowers to impress guests.

When you entered, a sweet scent smell will make you feel like heaven literally.


*Shiny ethnic wear

Now wearing clothes is everyone’s personal choice, but this is the place where you have to show all your fashionista skills.

You’ll show-off that one costliest dress in your wardrobe here, which you had bought for weddings only.

Over dressed

*Exchange of gifts

You’ll give the gift to the couple and then take one from their parents.

The family is investing already so much in the wedding, why they have to distribute gifts on top of that?


What is the trap?

The trap is the money which you are spending on the things, which are just things.

If someone has lumps of money and loves to boast it. These kind of weddings are for them.

But people like you and me, with average income and simple life.

I think it is not the good idea, in fact, a bad one.

Chilling on beach
do what you love

Instead, you can do a simple wedding with the people we really care of and

save the money for the things which you want to actually do. 🙂


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