Play with colour and patterns with CHUMBAK.

Chumbak is a platform where we can get stuff like- clothes, backpacks, watches, decor etc.

Its specialty is the different patterns they use on them.

I found these products a bit costly.

But, I also want to fulfill my craving for chumbak products.

So, what I did?

I made a list of them which are not too costly, also I can bring ‘chumbak’ at home 🙂

1. Backpacks- 

These quirky patterns on a bag are so cool.

They are great for day journey.


For college going students.



2. Cushion Cover-

Pretty cushions on your sofa,

Will definitely cheer up your guests.

cushion cover

Cushion cover

3. Coffee mug-

I cannot put my eyes off from this mug.

It is so authentic.

It truly has some bits of our(Indian) habits.

Coffee mug

Coffee mug

4. Sweatshirt-

Though it’s difficult to look fashionable in winter/fall.

But chumbak made it easy.

This sweatshirt is so vibrant and comfortable.



5. Wristwatch-

Owls are their favorite and so of mine.

Such a lovely pattern on a watch.

Who can imagine that?


wrist watch



Their products are amazing.

Go and check out…

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