Why success is so overrated and failure is underrated.

Success and failure

Success and failure are just parts of our life.

You should not be affected by any of them.

Definition of failure– State or condition of not meeting a desirable or intented objective, opposite of success.

Fail is a negative word, when we heard like someone fails in something or he is a failure.
It automatically comes to our mind that person is useless.

There are many types of failure, lets explore-

Most popular types of failure in India

1. If you have not cleared the cut-off in any exam, you are a failure.

2. If you have proposed someone, and the other person says-‘NO’, you are a loser.

3. If you don’t have a good job after having reputed degrees, you are useless.

4. If you don’t understand maths properly, you are the dumbest child on the earth.

5. If you are a divorcee, you doesn’t deserve respect.

Now just explore the real failure

1. If you have regrets in life, yes you are a failure.

2. If you have earned well in your life but in your old age you beg for even 100 rupees infront of someone, you are the example of real failure.

3. After spending half of your day in worshipping, you can’t control your anger,  can’t share your things. Yes you are a failure.

I think making an attempt is important, result is not, beacuse it is not in our hands.


Success is dealing a situation and failure is  running away from situation.

Start appreciating failure and don’t overvalue your success.

As, Neither success nor failure lasts permanently.


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