6 Awesome Fun Things To Do In College With Friends

Fun with friends

College is one memorable era of your life because of fun with friends. Here are 6 fun things to do in college with your friends.

College life is something, you’ll definitely miss.

But if you have made full use of it,

You’ll probably not miss it, infact recall the good memories you had made.

Fun things to do in college with friends-

1. Bunk morning class for a movie show-

college movie
bunk class

Mainly this one is for movie lovers.

But if a blockbuster has released it should be tried by everyone.

Now why I am saying to bunk in morning?

Because ‘weekday’ morning shows are cheaper than evening and weekend ones.

Yes but you should not make it as a habit, now you know.

Manage your attendance in morning classes and take full use of this opportunity.

This much free time in the morning, you’ll never get back.

2. Plan Trips on weekends-

plan trip
plan trip

You have 2 days in a week with no classes.

Why not optimize it?

You can easily plan a trip for 3-4 days in any nearby place from your city.

I am sure there will be something to explore in 300 k.m. radius.

Just plan it everything beforehand for fewer shocks :p

3. Must take a full college tour-

college tour
college tour

I have lived 4 years in college, I know each and every spot.

No, you don’t know it.

It is hard to believe but many students don’t visit all spots of their college.

You should definitely take one full round of your college.

4. Explore the city where you live-

explore city
explore city

Even if you don’t live in a very awesome city.

I think every place has its own specialty.

The food, culture, tradition, clothes, everything has its own spice.

Some shops are there in some lanes provide the best food.

Few markets can give you the cheapest cloth.

There are some spots that are just awesome to hang out.

You are in your best time zone of your life, make full use of it 😉

5. Late night movies at hostel-

late night movies
late night movies

It becomes obvious to stay awake at nights in hostels.

You have to complete your assignment or to chat with someone.

You are been awake at not using it properly.

Why not convert your room into a movie theatre?

Just borrow speakers from someone,

And you are ready to have an awesome experience.

Watching a movie in the home theatre with your best friends is priceless.

6. The Birthday celebrations-

celebrate birthdays
celebrate birthdays

Last but not the least of all

Birthday comes and goes every year.

You can not make it special every time.

But in college, you can make it memorable.

To make feel someone special on his/her birthdate is something worthful to do.

Do plan something for the birthdays of your friends.

Late-night cake cutting is a tradition in the hostel.

But everyone is not lucky enough to have it.

So, don’t become miser in making good friends.

Enjoy to the fullest and make lifetime friends in your college.

Thanks for reading our article on fun things to do in college with friends.

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