Make your own outfit this winter with me.

My winter outfit

Hello gorgeous, I am here with my outfit post for a winter season.

In winter season-

We don’t have many options to show our style, but we also want to look good.

How to solve this problem?

I have an outfit idea which you can wear in any event and can also look stylish.

Also, you can DIY it from your wardrobe.

So let’s discover it…

My winter outfit
My winter outfit

What all I have in my look? –

1. Hip Length Sweater

2. Woolen Legging

3. Woolen Socks

4. Black Boots

5. Sling Bag

Winter look
Winter look

How I styled it?

It is not some rocket science that you all can not see :p

It is clearly visible in my pictures.

Outfit for winter
Outfit for winter

The crux of this outfit is my socks-

As you know the length of socks varies.

Short ones are short enough to visible.

Extremely long will overlap the legging look.

So, what to do?

I took medium sized ones ( same as the color of my sweater ) and twist the extra length to give this eye-catching look.

My boots
My boots

Now my look is ready for outdoors.

The sling bag is optionable in this look. I carry it to put some essentials in it.

Look for winter
Look for winter

Hope you like it. 🙂

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