5 green things that I eat daily in my food and love it.

green food

I really love the green color and I think that all green colored things are awesome.

I want to tell you 5 green things which I ate in my food and how they enhance my health, also their popular dishes which you can eat.


I eat this basically for good skin, as it has huge content of water so it makes my skin hydrated.

Its other benefits are-

*After eating it I feel good in making conversation, as I am sure that my breath is not making uncomfortable anyone.

*Easy to eat as you can eat it as raw, with peel, which is more effective as peel provides fiber to my body.

*It is a very refreshing vegetable, as you place it on a face or eat it. Cool vibes from cucumber make your day alive.

Nutritional value –

 *Vitamin K, C are present in good amount.

*Minerals like- magnesium(4%), manganese(4%), phosphorous(3%), potassium(3%), calcium(2%), iron(2%) are also present.


1. Cucumber salad– It is great to start a day with it. A pinch of salt can make your salad tasty.

2. Cucumber condiment (Kheere ka raita)– As raita is made from the mixture of yogurt and cucumber, its good for digestion.

3. Cucumber fritters– They are very cool for evening snacks.


I eat them in green sauce(dhania chutney) which spice up my food and  is good for  digestion,

Its other benefits are-

* It is very good for blood as it is rich in vitamin k.

* Rich in minerals so good for vision.

Nutritional value-

*Vitamin A, C ,E ,K present in good amount.

* Minerals- Manganese(20%), Iron (14%), potassium(11%), Calcium(7%), Magnesium(7%), Phosphorous(7%).


1. Coriander used for garnishing in many dishes.

 2. Coriander soup – You can drink it as a soup with lemon and other veggies.

3. Coriander condiment– In India this dish is very famous, and mostly eaten after the meal for good digestion.

4. Coriander sauce( dhania ki chutney) – My favorite one, can be used with any snack.


 They are just amazing. You can put them in any dish and they just make the dish more healthy and yummy.

Its other benefits are-

*  They are good for healthy nails and hair due to the presence of high silicon in it.

* If you want your immune to be alright, it is a good source.

* Consuming it regularly helps you to fight in skin aging. It is good for skin health.

Nutritional Value-

* Vitamins- C present in a good amount, E and K in little amounts.

* Minerals- Manganese(6%), Potassium (4%), Iron (3%).


1. Stuffed Capsicum- It is mainly eaten with bread.

2. Paneer Capsicum- It is one of the most popular dishes in India.

3. Corn capsicum sandwich– If you make this sandwich of brown bread, it is perfect evening snack.


They just amazingly make the food spicier. Mainly in north India people love it.

Its other benefits are-

* They have zero calories, which is a plus one for consuming them.

* It helps in lowering body temperature, that’s the also reason why they are so much consumed in India( a hot country).

* They are actually very good for the heart.

Nutritional value-

* Vitamin C is present in good amount.

*  Minerals- Iron(8%), Potassium(7%), Magnesium(6%).


1. Chilli Pickle – Pickles are awesome. You can eat anything with them.

2. Fry chili – It is very yummy to eat this.

3. Chilli Sauce – We all know this, it is used to spice up many other dishes.


Basically, I eat them with potato as a curry. These little green pearls are very much eaten in India.

Its other benefits are-

* It definitely helps in digestion.

* The high fiber content in it helps in preventing constipation.

Nutritional value-

* Vitamin A is present in good amount.

* Minerals- Iron(31%), Potassium(6%).


1. Pea flatbread (paratha)– There is various kind of parathas, one of which is this one.

2. Pea pulao– Very popular eatable dish in India

3. Dry carrot-pea dish- Mostly eaten in winters, as we have carrots in winters only.


I hope you like reading it. Go and grab one of the dishes mentioned above and follow me for more such amazing posts. 🙂



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