Young Divas of Bollywood whose fashion style inspires me.

Divas of bollywood

These are some young actresses from Bollywood who really inspire me to be fashionable.

1.KANGANA RANAUT(my always favorite)- She is the queen of Bollywood. She never upsets us, a fine actress who always dresses well whether western, Indian or fusion.

2.KATRINA KAIF– She is one of the most beautiful actresses in our Bollywood. She has a very impressive dressing sense.She is neither too loud nor very casual. Her style has won many hearts.

3.KRITI SANON– A newcomer in our Bollywood industry whose style is different but unique. She is a bit on the edge of casual style, which is good because it is always better to be casual than to be loud.

4.ALIA BHATT–  One of the multi-talented young actresses who has achieved so much at such a young age. Her style quotient is very high as she already belongs to film industry.

5. PRIYANKA CHOPRA– International star, last but not least in this category has always made us proud not only by her achievements but also the bold and new looks which she always provide us with her distinctive styles.

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