How to make your life easy by knowing everything beforehand.

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I got admission in Indian Institute of Technology Indian School of Mines (IIT ISM DHANBAD) in August 2012.

I entered the college with no idea of a single thing, starting from studies to endless opportunities in the college.

I regret this till now.

I want to share my experience with you to tell that how important it is to know things beforehand-

I land up in totally one of the worst branches of college.

I definitely wouldn’t if  I have checked all the disciplines in advance.

It takes me more than 1 year to understand the culture of college, like how things work- invest time in self-study rather than attending classes, join the different groups or clubs for self-advancement.

Basically explore to the extent you can because you’ll never get back that much amount of free time.

It is just not about only studies, also if you are planning a vacation, it is good to know some details of that place like- travel cost, weather, places to visit, the best place to eat etc.

I won’t say I ruined my college life, but I want to say that I would have made it much better by knowing things already.

It is always better to know something than to nothing.

Try to connect with the people who are already present there.

Make a list of all the departments of your college.

Get a basic knowledge of every stream.

Make sure to understand the scope of that stream you want to get entered in the future.

Check about the facilities and most importantly, the scholarships.

There are many kind of scholarships other than income based, so don’t miss out that.

Placements are most important thing, so don’t ruined it.

Clarify the companies that get registered for your stream every year.

Also, the strength of your batch.

This makes a huge sense as you can estimate the actual percentage of the placements of your department.

Just be assured that you don’t get stuck in the wrong branch.

I’ll suggest you make a quick research on the internet before going to your college and make out the maximum of your college life.

I hope you like reading.

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