History Book Versus Fictional Novel Fight


A boy took two books from the shelf and placed them on the table. One is a fiction novel(F), and another is the historical book(H).

 H: What fresh air after three days.

 F:3 days seriously? I stay all day long here only; go to sleep at night.

 H: Great! I am stuck in between one religious book that snores whole day and one fatty maths book which hardly gives me space to breathe.

 F: So sad, I sleep with hot chicks, one is just 150 pages around. But you have to adjust because today’s youth doesn’t show much interest in you.

 H: Hello, people read me with respect and in the memory of the great things that happened in the past.

 F: Whatever, you are such a bore, look at me. I have switched 12 shelves up till now, and your success rate is zero. 

 He becomes silent.

 Suddenly a girl entered the room, picks the and throws on boy’s face, saying: “You just continue to read this unrealistic shit”, and turned opposite to walk out.

 HMaybe I stay for a longer time in shelves, but also in hearts. 

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