6 Hair Gadgets Every Girl Should Have In Her Bag

Although this post is for everyone, for precise I have oily scalp and dry hair.

1. Hair dryer-

Whenever you are in a hurry and you have just washed your hair, a dryer is a savior.

2. Wet brush-

It’s always tough to detangle your hair after wash, so wet brush make it easy in minutes.

3. Straightener-

Definitely, we all love this one, who doesn’t like straight hair? I do…

4. Hair serum-

To give some shine to your hair, it’s best to use this product. After hair wash just applies a bit.

5. Hair rolls-

I personally don’t like much to use heat for everything on my hair, so I love rolls for showing off some curls..( also the veg one 🙂 )

6.Dry shampoo-

It is must have a thing for oily scalp people or the times when your scalp becomes greasy and you can’t wash always.

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Krati Agarwal

An engineer by profession and a writer by passion. Writing makes me free from all restrictions. When a thought comes to my mind, I present it on a paper. I love to explore and gain experiences because that's what you need to be a writer.

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