A short story-“NUANCE OF PARENT’S LOVE”.

short story

Today I woke up early in the morning, watered the plants, clean the whole room.After that, I went to make a cup of coffee without wasting a minute.

My father who was watching me doing all this from the beginning realized early about the motivation of all this homely work.

He comes and told me that I have done my best and I should now leave it up to destiny.He distracts me by making evening plans.

I was confused to understand that why my father being so nice today when he just criticizes me all the time during my preparation, suddenly a message pops up on my phone-“RESULTS ARE OUT!!!.”

My heartbeat increased, sweat comes out.I opened my laptop, my father was beside me in a very chill way and talking about the lunch.

He said that he doesn’t care too much of my marks, whatever it comes he’ll fine with it.

My website opened and my result flashes on the screen.

I passed the exam with distinction, I got relaxed but suddenly I saw that my father jumped up from a sofa, shouting and screaming my result to my neighbors.

My confusion got cleared at that moment that just because I don’t feel bad on my result day, he criticized me all the time.

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