Evergreen old songs are today’s top hits, originality is immortal.

Evergreen old songs

There is a show called Rangoli comes every Sunday on DD national channel.

I was drinking my coffee and a song flashed on a screen as a celebration of Asha Bhosle’s birthday.

The song was-‘Hungama ho gya’ from Anhonee(1973).

I suddenly realized that I have listened to the same song in Queen movie.

I was listening to its original version first time and it was mesmerizing.

What I realized that time is that original content has its own spark, it just transforms from one form to another but it never dies.

Today so many songs are out there, most of them are just the remixed of the old evergreen songs.

People do hard work on copy and paste and become rich, but the actual owner of all the money generated from these new songs is the one who creates the old one.

Creation is something which gives employment.

I think we all should start focusing on creating thing rather than just copying.

You can sit and eat the whole life from creation, which you can’t from imitating.

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