How To Be Happy Always In Life | 9 Proven Points

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Sure shot proven points on How To Be Happy Always In Life. One life you have, make sure you spend it happily on the earth.

Happiness is something which comes within oneself.

How To Be Happy Always In Life->


Do whatever in your life for anyone but never expect back from them.

If they do by themselves than it is fine, but make your expectation zero towards anyone.


‘It is a special kind of fire, which can burn you totally into ashes but not harming anyone else in the world’.

Remember life is unfair, so there is no point to be jealous of anyone.

Example- You can see you have a destiny of- food, cloth, and shelter, but many didn’t.


Yes, Karma is the bitch,

What you do today will one day comes back to you, so always try to do good deeds.


Always aim high in life.

 You can see generally aimless people are sad because-

They have time to think about their miseries.

Once you get busy in achieving your goals,

You’ll find that the hurdles which used to be the mountain in past become the stone in present and pebble in the future.

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I think exploring new places and things always add something to you,

which makes you happy and more satisfied.


This is definitely one of the key points to get internal happiness.


The more you read, the more you learn,

the more you understand things and solve your problems.


This I am telling you from my personal experience that one who always ponder about future,

makes plans for it can never be happy.

Try to live in the moment, make plans for today

As you know “May tomorrow never comes”.


Last but not the least,

You should remember every person has its unique identity, so never compare two people in the world.

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