My Short Motivational Story To Inspire People In Tough Times


A time comes in everybody’s life when you think you are useless, you haven’t achieved anything.

It may be the time when you are jobless, no friends in life, faced a great failure etc.

I want to share my experience with you that how some old memories brighten up my day and make me motivated.

There was a time when I was totally shattered because I was sitting jobless in my home at 22 after graduating from one of the prestigious universities(IIT).

I just thought all day about my few grades, applications being rejected, friends who are earning well etc.

Friendship band and monitor brooch
Friendship band and monitor brooch

I research a lot about what to do or what to not, but nothing can help you when you are disheartened.

I lose all the hope from myself and start entering in depression zone.

Thinking that I haven’t done anything great up till now and my friends and batchmates are doing so well in life.

One day I was sitting in my room and opened the box which has all my old memories in it.

It has many things like- my monitor brooch of IVth class, lots of friendship bands, greeting cards, gifts, shells which I collected from the beach and much more.

My greeting card
My greeting card

I rememorized all the accomplishments of my past, the love, the respect from my family and friends, the small things in which I have contributed.

That box was my achievement up till now.

What I realized that moment was that I have gained so much in life that if today I have to leave the world, I’ll have no further regrets.

The motivation which comes from the sum of tiny achievements from that box was so large that I forgot all my problems,

And start working on my failures with all new energy.

After that, I never felt like a loser in my life because I thought of the times when I uplift someone.

That’s my story of how I get motivated from a box full of memories.

A perfume gave by my friend in VI standard.

Thanks for reading.

I hope you get some motivation from it.

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