12 inspirational female characters of Bollywood.


Learn to stand for yourself first then everything will come in line.

1. Meghna Mathur in Fashion-

Pride in her eyes

A small town girl with full of dreams become blind in her ambition got broke down. She gets up and stands for herself against the bad aspects of the industry.
2. All girls in Pink-

Three girls in court

Rich spoiled brats tried hard to trap these girls to hide their fault but how they maintain to answer each and every question in the court to prove themselves.

3. Mary Kom(the boxer)-

Strength is everything

Letting not die your career after marriage is a plus one for Mary.

4. Rani in Queen-

Fun girl

How a girl’s simplicity is retained even after seeing all shades of western culture.
5.Sonali in Sonali cable-

Confidence is the key to success

An entrepreneur by a mind, Sonali makes her own path and stand for her business.

6.Vidya in Lage Raho Munna Bhai-

Spread a smile

A lovely, free-spirit woman who is totally altruistic by nature.

7.Meera in No one killed Jessica-

Stand for right

A fearless journalist exposes the culprits of the high-profile case.

8. Jaya in Toilet-

To think for yourself is not a crime

The educated girl leaves her in-laws house for not fulfilling her basic needs and also stand with her husband for the right.

9. Kumari Pinky in Udta Punjab-

Drugs in punjab

How to make your mind focussed in the worst situations of your life is taught by Pinky in this movie.

10. The story of Neerja –

fearless neerja

Audacious Neerja Bhanot saves many lives by her presence of mind.

11. Meera in NH10-

furious meera

Meera gets furious with some ruthless people and gets settled down only after taking her revenge.

12. Devsena in Bahubali 2-

Bold is beautiful

A woman that doesn’t follow conventional rules of the society and voice up for that.

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