Bursting Myth: Girls can’t have a best friend

Why girls can’t have a bestie?

Only one girl can understand pain and sorrows of another girl,

only they can adore a man, make girly jokes.

They can share themselves limitless.

I want to burst this myth- That two girls can never be good friends.

I want to dedicate this post to my best friend( besides me in the picture)

I met my friend first time as my roommate in the hostel.

She was quite annoying.

We used to fight so much that everybody around us was fed up.

She always did things which I don’t like- she wears my slipper all day,

she uses my stuff and never put back them back to original place, she never close the door etc,

but at the night we talk, share all things of the day and sleep together.

Some incidents happened in our life after which we stop talking,

but we were still roommates.

After that, I remembered it was her birthday and as a ritual,

I have to gift her something,

so there was one kurta I gifted her(which was rejected by my sister and was of her size).

She just loves it and hugs me,

 then we came back to our normal version.

But we never stop to fight,

in fact, now personal topics are also included.

I fight a lot with her, whenever something happened I find fault in her.

But gradually I realized the fact that she always did the best what she can in any situation.

That’s my story of 4 years to trust her completely.

But I think even you spend your whole life, you cannot understand someone totally.

Now we are great friends, we gossip, had trips, her friend becomes mine, my problems become hers( an undefined relationship).

So all girls out there “Celebrate friendship because it is bound by love, not by blood”.

Thanks for reading my post.

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