Prostitution- a profession or abuse?


Who are prostitutes? I think they are human beings like us who work hard and get paid.

Basically, I don’t understand the problem with the profession.

I can understand that the family members may have concern for their loved ones who want to work in this profession, but how else can anybody have a problem?

It is not like that it the easiest thing to do, so a child can get encouraged to opt for it.

In many ways the prostitution is a significant contribution to the country, its giving employment, it is a prosperous business. Definitely, the rape cases will increase if it will not exist.

I think if the government takes responsibility for that, we can eradicate its negative side.

There should be schools, medical facility, a shelter for children of prostitutes, also every right must be given to them equally.

Our society will be categorised in a broad-minded one when a child of a prostitute can sit by the side of another child and can study in the same classroom.

If we detach our dignity with the work these people do, it is easier to accept them they are not bad people, just employees of an unaccepted profession.

They are not bad people, just employees of an unaccepted profession.

I respect the employers of this profession with full regard.

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