Queen movie review- 5 Subtle Issues Raised By Kangana


I love Kangana for the way she excellently represents tiny things.

Queen was one of her turning points in her life.

It gives us such a great message-“Anybody’s life not only doesn’t stop for anyone, but also nobody can stop.”

In a lovely way, she has put forward some topics that are very prevalent in our Indian culture.

1. If your husband earns well, you don’t need to do a job.

Yes, in our culture, doing a job that gives stupendous money is considered of high reputation, but doing something job to become financially independent is useless crap.

In movie Rao says when Kangana asked him to do a job-‘ You think I’ll not be able to feed you? ‘.

2. Dance is still not seen in the right image in our society.

My 5-year-old cousin was doing proper steps on a song, and someone says- to put her in dance class as she can do well. My brother’s reaction-“What is the need for that, she doesn’t have to become a dancer in future.

In movie Rao also scold her wife for dancing; this makes him shameful in front of his whole family.

3. HOME SCIENCE, don’t deserve much respect in comparison to ENGINEERING.

According to me, in movie Rani was much qualified than Vijay, she is the smart and intelligent lady of modern society, but just because her education was in a field which is not that honourable, doesn’t mean that people have right to demean her.

4. Either your marriage fails or relationship, you have to pretend that you are sad.

It is something funny, your toxic relation has come to an end, but according to societal norms, you have to look unhappy.

I have seen the inner happiness of Rani at the end of the movie which taught us-‘Move on, don’t cry over a toxic relationship.’

5. An Indian girl cannot show her desires or happiness in a very open manner.

I feel this thing in the movie which I can relate to my life, and I have to protect my happiness by not smiling on the things which are not respectful in our society.

Examples from the movie in which Rani seems utmost happy-playing games like gambling, admiring someone by his looks, trying short dresses etc.

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