Do you think housewives should be paid?


I think it is high time.

The digital world has become so lucrative that it is eradicating the role of a housewife.

Homely work is as important as constructing new buildings every day.

You cannot survive a day if you come back home and realize that you are still in office.

In our mother’s occupation we write-HOUSEWIFE, but do we acknowledge that they are not paid for their work?

Also, who will pay them?

All housewives deserve a salary, they have equal right to raise this issue.

I want to talk personally about my mother.

She makes delicious food, wash clothes, clean the whole room, keep a watch on other work like- washing of utensils, people who visit our home, the small need of other society members, care of retired people etc.

Biggest of all, she is our nutritionist, she plans our diet in such a way that we can work whole day energized .

What she gets?

EVERYTHING, yes you read right she gets every single thing she wants either related to home or personal,

but she needs a permission before that.

We all know the one who earns, can gift himself whenever he wants something, maybe a small chocolate or a big watch.

But what about a housewife?

She has to make effort to speak up and to demand, it may or may not get fulfilled.

My point is just that a monthly wage should be given to all housewives, whether by family, husband or government.

Either you finish this culture of housewives or make them paid monthly.

I am not disrespecting the culture of housewives,

just want to say that monthly wage is the right of every working person in the country.

I think it is an issue that’s why I put forward.

What do you think?

Leave your opinion in the comment section below.

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