6 Myths About Menstruation That Need To Be Clarified

There are so many myths about menstruation. If something is followed previously, not necessarily need to be followed today.

A woman has a power to bring a new life on earth.

The woman is the most powerful person on the earth, she can make, she can destroy.

Pain, Blood, Uneasiness, Weakness etc comes to mind with the word mensuration, but there is also one thing which never comes to mind but is a crucial part of it-POWER.

There are so many misconceptions about menstrual bleeding that are still prevailing in our society.

A major part of our society isn’t aware of menstruation, menstrual hygiene and a part of the population is too reluctant to get educated.

There are so many myths about menstruation that are still considered as truth which results in treating women differently in those days of month.

So, this is to all the people out there who are blinded by the stereotypical thought of not discussing about periods, not educating yourself about menstrual hygiene just spare a minute and learn some facts.

By doing that you atleast won’t be preaching the wrong things about menstruation.

So before going into the myths let us first know what is actually menstrual bleeding?

Menstrual bleeding is nothing but shedding the uterine lining if a woman doesn’t get pregnant.

Every month a woman’s body prepares itself up for pregnancy and hence the uterine walls thicken.

And if the women doesn’t conceive, breakdown of uterine lining takes place which is in the form of blood and tissues and is discharged through vagina.

It generally lasts for 3-5 days and the cycle is repeated after a time interval of approximately 28 days.

Now here are few myths about myths about menstruation which we think is true but the reality is something different.

1. Women shouldn’t exercises when they are menstruating.

This is a very common opinion that women shouldn’t exercise during the time of period.

Unless and until you are having severe cramps that is dysmenorrhoea or excessive blood flow menorrhagia you can definitely participate in physical activities and performance exercises.

Always keep in mind that you are not physical or mentally unfit during the time of periods it’s your body functioning completely in a normal way.

Moreover if you keep on practicing exercises, do yoga, dancing or cycling regularly it helps on reducing the cramps.

2. You can’t get pregnant during menstruation.

Well, a bit strange right?

Even I didn’t know this but this is actually true.

It’s not that often you see a woman conceiving while she is menstruating but it actually happens in some cases.

You are more likely to get pregnant if you have a very short menstrual cycle or a long period span that your ovulation stage gets connected with it.

So, if you have sex towards the end of your menstruation you can actually concieve after few days as sperm can live inside your body for almost 4-5 days.

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3. PMS is not a real syndrome.

As many of us think that it is just an excuse for us to get away with the excessive mood wings, weird cravings or rude behaviour,no, PMS or premenstrual syndrome is an actual syndrome.

It starts two or one week before the bleeding and ends by the time of menstruation.

Some of the symptoms of PMS are depression, mood swings, joint pain, headache, acne, breast tenderness, weight gain, food cravings and other such behaviour.

Meditation can help you get rid of the mental irritation.

4. Women should stay away from sour food.

Some studies have shown that mensturating woman emits bad smell(which is true) or negative rays that can spoil food.

Same goes with water and plants.

But we are in 2019 ,like seriously?

So much has evolved and moreover now woman uses proper things for disposal of the blood because of which bad smell is not a big issue.

So you can chill and have food also bytheway if we will die it will be first because of huge amount of maida these days.

5. Don’t take head showers during periods

In old times a woman take bath in river.

Thats why it is avoided and we also don’t have sanitary napkins that time.

So to avoid contamination of whole river, it was better if a woman doesn’t wash her hair.

It’s completely fine if you want to take head showers during periods as they help in reducing the premenstrual tension.

It can also help in reducing the pain you get from menstrual cramps and moreover you should stay fresh and hygienic during these days.

So, there is no reason to not take a bath during menstruation. One of the baseless myths about menstruation.

6. You shouldn’t use tampons.

People give a very stupid reason for this.

You can hear many people saying that if you use tampons it will break your hymen and make you impure.

Honestly, turn a deaf ear to them because at the end of the day it’s your comfort that should matter to you.

So, whatever you use as a protection make sure you are comfortable with that and be hygienic about it.

Also you should have this amazing heating pad in your home as it’s only effective for period cramps but also in general for backbone pain-

Thanks for reading our article related to myths about menstruation.

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