What actually are good looks?


Great body, Cheerful face, Healthy skin, oh my mistake- WHITE SKIN.

Why do people prefer white skin over healthy one?

Black or white, it is just a color of your body, you are born with that.

But how you want to raise that is up to you,

Either you want to use beauty products to make it fair, or you can gain knowledge and build up your attractive personality.

I think the day when black skin people accept the fact that just like they can’t make 4, out of 2 hands,

similarly can’t make white out of the black skin.

It’s natural, beautiful and moreover your unique identity in this world.

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That’s your skin, not any kind of dirt that you’ll wash away.

Some people say that you can not enter in any professions like- modeling, actor etc if you are black.

First of all ignore the negativity of that toxic people.

I want to be a singer, Can I? No, because I am not gifted with a voice like that, so should I cry upon that or explore my skills?

My point is that you should love the way you are and explore more and more of you to figure out yourself.

Learn new skills every day, spread your knowledge, motivate people by doing great things.

Always remember, it’s all in the head, once you start admiring yourself in the mirror, it really doesn’t matter anyone else does it or not.

Thanks for reading my post, I hope you will get motivated and stand up for yourself.

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