Start Respecting Yourself As It Is Not A Crime


Self-respect is the most important thing for anyone.

Maybe you are a good sister, mother, wife etc. in the eyes of the world but on the verge of losing your self-respect is a big NO.

I will discuss the edge of respect in different relationships-

1. As a wife or girlfriend-

Relationships work mutually. If you are one of them who physically or mentally abuses your Bf than this post is not for you.

If this what bf does…WAKE UP, DEAR 

.Torturing physically and mentally

.Demand of obsequious behaviour

.Making jokes on your profession

.What you do with love is time waste for him etc.

2.As an employee-

I know there are some restrictions attached to your work in any company but working there without any respect is a blunder.

.Surrendring yourself in front of your boss

.To remain silent in front of everyone; even it is not your mistake.

.Allowing sexual harassment.

3. As a girl in the house

I am not saying it happens to every home, but yes, in many, and I am writing according to my experience.

.Cooking stuff is easy. It’s for girls.

.Maths is not your cup of tea.

.Housekeeping is not art. Anyone can do it.

You have a whole life to live than why to waste on such people.

You can do any work to survive, which is a lot way better than to stay in self-deprecation relationship.

Just become stone heart one day and stop loving them, I am sure they’ll know your value.

Thanks for reading my post.

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